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You have to watch it it’s funny!

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Name Meaning



Latin is the origin

English translation form Britagne which is a province in northern France. It is named for the British refugees who immigrated there!

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“To succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

In order to succeed you have to tell yourself that you can. Very self explanatory, and an obvious explanation. If you don’t think you can succeed, and if you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect to succeed? Think of yourself how succeeding will affect you in the future. Then you start believing in yourself. 

For example in Space Jam when Bugs Bunny tells his team to drink the magic they drink they believe that it is magic. 

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What does sportsmanship mean?

Well it means when you play, you play fairly, with ethics, respect and fellowship, respect your team and your opponent, don’t cheat, don’t swear, and help an opponent when they need it. 

When you play you learn how to be a “good winner” and a “good loser” and neither are bad, just means that in the end of the game you played it with honor. 

When you don’t take responsibility for your actions in the game you are a “bad loser” learn to be a “good loser” and you will earn respect from your team and your fans. Treat your team and opponents as you would want to be treated while playing a game. 

Good Sportsmanship:

You help the other player if they fell, or are injured.

When you leave the game with honor


Bad Sportsmanship:


Leave the game with pride (the bad kind)

When you lose in a game, dont leave mad, but congratulate the other team for winning. If you don’t win this time, you will win next time. If you leave the game angry, and swearing then you will lose fans and honor.

Quote: What’s worse then losing at game? Man playing sports on a ship! haha

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Not Without My Daughter

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I didn’t expect this Thanksgiving to be great, since my mom works all the time. But this year, I met my real father and that side of my family and got to spend Thanksgiving in San Diego. I left on Thursday morning with my dad, my sister Sandra, and my brother Angel. We went to Mcdonalds to get breakfast and I got a Hello Kitty watch -_- (I love the holiday pies, I recommend) After we got onto the freeway, 20 minutes after we had a restroom stop at some park (it was pretty).  We got on the freeway back again, and  once we were in Oceanside we stopped at a “rest stop.” Its right next to the ocean, there was some bus that had some quotes on it about god, it was a colorful bus. After, we took off. We were finally in San Diego after a 2 1/2 hour drive. We arrived at my aunt Maites house. Meanwhile, my aunts worked on the thanksgiving dinner food, my uncle Mark, my cousin Cid, and my siblings went to the park. We walked all around and saw some historical buildings, and a Koi fish pond. After 2 hours of being there, we headed back to the house. When we arrived we all watched a movie. Around 7 I started getting ready along with everyone else. Then we finally sat down to eat. I didn’t “pig-out” just ate a few, then ate pumpkin pie, chocoloate chip cookies, and pizza. After the dinner, some of my family went to sleep, and some stayed up with me and my uncle Mark playing “Just Dance 2” it was pretty fun. We all ended up falling asleep around 10:30p.m. I guess Turkey makes folks sleepy. The next day we went to sight seeing around San Diego Bay. We walked around the rocks, and finally go down to the “beach” it was really cold but I got in, I almost slipped off a rock. Around 6p.m. we started heading back to LA. So yeah, that was my Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Slide

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You know what’s funny?

The earthquake drill for example today or whatever kind of drill it was, well point is when something real is happening students aren’t gonna know when it’s the real thing or not since the flash and alram go off even when there isn’t a drill.


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I didn’t think that this slide was difficult because it’s not hard becoming an Academic Champion. Becoming an Academic Champion doesn’t require all that much. If your in high school all you have to do is aim on getting A’s and B’s in your classes and doing your homework. Well at least that’s the only thing I’m worrying about. Well enjoy my slide!


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Ink Slide


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CTR Slide


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